Ch. Greatscott Mactaggart
Bred by Jules Mayne

Taggie was our first Scottie. We bought him with no intentions of showing him. We didn't even know about dog shows! The breeder, Jules Mayne asked us to enter a few shows just to see how her breeding was going. We entered him in the 60th Anniversary STC Show and he won Baby Puppy. That was the start!! At 6 years old he retired from the showring to enjoys the finer things in life. Taggie passed away in April 2005 and we miss him greatly, even his bad habits!


   first day.
refused to eat puppy porridge 

( Spoilt by Dallas and Joan)

   looked all lost
First show. 60th Anniversary Show.

Won Baby Puppy in Show and

went from a spoilt pet to a spoilt show dog.


Got his treats
played his games
did everything with us

demanded his treats.

Apricots and grapes in moderation.

   involved in everything.

Very busy doing nothing

on border patrol  
    guard duty
Happy in retirement